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Lingo is a game inspired by the popular game show.How to play?The objective of the game is to find the 5-letters words (in 5x5 mode). You have only five attempts to guess (one turn). After approval the word, that word will appear on the board. The letters entered word will be displayed in a specific color on the main board.
What are the colors?Green: The letter is in the right place.Yellow: The letter is in the word, but it is not the right place.Blue: The letter does not occur in the guessed word.
Scoring:The game uses the following scoring scheme:Word guessed on the first attempt: you earn 5 points.Word guessed at the second attempt: you get 4 pointse.t.c..Collect as many points to unlock trophies (achievements).
Bonuses and achievements in the game:During the game you will be able to earn achievements and bonuses. The best results are saved in Google Play. Bonuses: - Every 5 correctly guessed words - you get an extra chance. - During the game you can use the 2 hint letters (star icon).
Game time:Time the whole game is not limited - you play until you have a "chance". Limited is the duration of one turn. Time to guess the word is 2:30 minutes (in 5x5 mode).You start with 3 "chances".
The words under control:Just as in the original game show Lingo, each word is checked for correctness (the game has a built-in dictionary) - default mode. Of course, you can turn off the dictionary in Settings.
You can guess words in: English, French, Dutch and Polish language.
We wish you many correctly guessed words.
The main features of the Lingo:- Nice graphics (simple and clear)- Many words to guess (note: some difficult)- Free for all- Addictive gameplay (like in Lingo game show)- Achievements to gain- Three difficult levels: 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6- 4 language supported: English, French, Dutch and Polish
Copyrights:Font used in application: PanEuropa Neue by Bartek Bojarczuk (